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Food, Exercise & the Ocean

Posted on Mar 25 by

We live in a world pressured by the demands of physical perfection which can lead to creating extremes in our behavior towards food and exercise. Overeating or starving- Extreme...


Ocean Therapy

Posted on Feb 19 by

I enter the sea to dive into myself and a calm focus, a meditation of a sort. Outside world troubles and human tedium are left at the shore like shedding soiled clothes and skinny...


The Danger of Tunnel Vision

Posted on Jan 24 by

There is something I’ve encountered many times on the water while surfing or windsurfing, especially on big wave days and mostly during times when someone has nearly killed me....


Rescue Stance

Posted on Jan 4 by

RESCUE STANCE  by Shawna Cropas Rescue Stance is the most stabilizing body posture and a ‘core skill’ that we use at many different stages of our windsurfing game. The...


Hungry Waves

Posted on Dec 1 by

This icy winter has been eating up my equipment like a hungry heartless giant- Snapped mast, crunched booms, banged up sails and holes the size of tea plates in my custom board....


The Heat of the Moment

Posted on Oct 4 by

“Passion for anything involves very strong and barely controllable emotions. Desire is a sense of longing, hoping for a person, object or outcome. The theme of desire is at...


The Art of Things

Posted on Sep 5 by

Glassy head high surf has been coming at us from all corners of the globe. It’s been ecstatic ‘surf-gasms’ for weeks now. Not sure if it’s right to...


Aloha to the Columbia River Gorge

Posted on Aug 25 by

“Take me to the river And wash me down… “   Al Green Over the past few years many of our guests have asked Matt and I to bring our teaching style to the Gorge....


Coastal Mountain Ranges and Hurricane Waves

Posted on Aug 16 by

SUMS UP MY SUMMER The last month has been a swirl of activity from The Gorge to Canada. Adventures up wild coastlines and deep into old growth forests. Lake jumping and sunsets...