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Posted on Jul 13 by

…”And the living is easy.” Maui is on her best behavior. Sunny, windy with easy accessible waves for everyone. July rotates around SUP and windsurfing north shore...


Rocking Windsurfers

Posted on Jun 26 by

“Life is a sexually transmitted disease with 100% mortality rate.” So let’s get on with it! … And that’s exactly what we did for this last June Clinic....


Defeat the Defeatist

Posted on Jun 12 by

June brings much longer days and beautiful sunsets to the north shore. In the winter months you need to drive to Kihei for a good display of the sun’s wares, but with the...


Light Wind Caresses

Posted on May 25 by

With May came a quick trip to Canada to enjoy spring flowers and the first tickles of a mainland summer. Big open blue skies, sea breezes and a new bounce in everyones footsteps....


High Wind and Rain Advisory

Posted on Apr 27 by

We are water logged in Haiku. The rain beats up against the house and the wind tears at our dreams. My gear swims in the back of my truck and the damp seeps into...


Palm Trees & Wind

Posted on Apr 7 by

April bring back the winds with such force my limbs are nearly snapped in half as my over powered up sail rips me through a bottom turn and into a mad race for the...


Flowing Patterns and Full Circles

Posted on Mar 29 by

Winter migrations come full circle…  Humpback activity dwindles signaling the beginning of Spring. It’s the time of the year when everyone heads back to their summer...


Born in Pisces…

Posted on Mar 1 by

Birthdays bring up the subject of getting older but I decided a long time ago that I’m never going to let something as silly as aging get in the way of my youth. February...